Happy Today with Lady Maga USA

Episode 53: Millennial in Middle Podcast with Connor Dehlin

October 29, 2021 Lady Maga USA Season 1 Episode 53
Happy Today with Lady Maga USA
Episode 53: Millennial in Middle Podcast with Connor Dehlin
Show Notes

This episode is my conversation with Connor Dehlin, host of Millennial in the Middle Podcast. He asked me a lot of great questions and we had a very meaningful and personal discussion.

My only complaint is that he identified me as a member of the "LGBTQIA+" community, which is not a label I choose to embrace.

Here's his  description of this episode:
We have had a lot of interesting guests on the show, but today’s guest may be our most entertaining and colorful yet. Ryan Woods is a gay man and as a drag queen (artist) travels the country as his character Lady Maga USA. Yes… Make America Great Again. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I’m not sure what will.
Full Bio: Ryan Woods is a proud Eagle Scout, America-first Republican, Christian, and political activist. He’s an award-winning journalist with a background in mass communication and video production. He’s President of Log Cabin Republicans Utah and is working to save his state from a leftist takeover.
He’s been performing and dancing since he was a tiny tot. Drag artistry is a composite outlet for all the things he loves, such as fashion, theater, costumes, makeup and imagination. “Being Lady Maga USA is about joy. When I see the smiles and happiness she brings to any event, my heart is full,” says Woods.
Most LGBT Conservatives are afraid to publicly share their views.
“I want to empower others to loudly and proudly declare their love of America and join the Conservative movement. I get so many messages from LGBT Conservatives who are afraid to speak out. I hope my example inspires them to have the courage to do so,” said Woods.

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