Happy Today with Lady Maga USA

Episode 56: Are Mormons Bad?

November 19, 2021 Lady Maga USA
Happy Today with Lady Maga USA
Episode 56: Are Mormons Bad?
Show Notes

Is the Mormon Church bad? 

As many of you know, I grew up Mormon. I'm still culturally Mormon in most ways, but like many others, I left the church. What surprises me is that most people who leave the church are bitter and feel a need to attack Mormons. 

My guest in this episode, Jacob Lloyd, is an outspoken,  devout Mormon who receives constant ridicule.

Jacob is a thoughtful man who tackles tough questions in an honest, fact-based way. He says, "It boils down to this. I understand people who don't believe the church is true. But the real question, is: Is it good?" 

Backed with statistics and no-nonsense facts, Jacob obliterates the lies about Mormons.

Of course, leftist rags, ex-Mormons  and LGBTQIA+ radicals constantly ridicule and insult the church as fundamentally BAD. 

Are they right? Is the Mormon church harmful? 

Find out in this fascinating episode.

To learn more about Jacob's work, visit www.Thoughtful-Faith.com and www.TheSouthPawBlog.com

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